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Monday, 4 January 2016

An Osprey Arrives!

Before Christmas I ordered Osprey Men-at-Arms 298: Russian Army of the Seven Years War (2) and it arrived today, at last! Hurrah and rejoicing!

I have been having a nose through it and I am struck by the mono-colour uniforms of the Hussar regiments - at least, apart from the Serbski Regiment's red-and-yellow uniform. "All red" or "all blue" with black trim. Very striking - if somewhat disconcerting as a painter. Still, it'll be a while yet til I get to the Molgravian Hussars.

What I have done is to place an order with Wargames Foundry for some command figures to go part of the way towards finishing off the Leibgarde zu Fuss (as I was advised to do so by Tradgardmastare, Musketier and Chris Platt in the comments*) and - a pack of foot command, and a pack of three mounted officers. The prices! £12 a pack! I'll get the remaining 16 infantry next month from Crusader Miniatures, but I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get Foundry for most of the rest of the project just because they have such an enormous range of figures.

Any road, until they arrive it's going to be all quite on the Molgravian Front I think, unless I dig out my back issues of Battlegames and try my hand at building a map of Molgravia and its environs...

* More comments please, I like them a lot!


  1. Nothing better than a good Osprey, and delivered by mail coach too! Excellent!

  2. Indeed!
    Looking forward to seeing your map!

  3. The excellent second part you wanted, looking forward to seeing your initial map.