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Tuesday, 19 January 2016


There are a fair few between the Foundry and Crusader command figures. The Foundry ones are bigger, with floppier hats, and a little more detail - or so it seems. Nothing so enormous that it will be noticeable in the end, but an interesting curiosity nonetheless.

A side note, that may interest some of you (and it may not); I have begun to publish the poems that I have been writing for a long time; you can find my works here and here.

Now, back to Molgravia!

I haven't done much to them; but the basecoat at least makes them look a bit more like paid-up members of the regiment. I like the colonel, a lot, although he really needs a name.

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  1. This January 2016 entry appears to be the final one for over a year, I hope the project is still ongoing.