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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Beginning the Muster

I have just purchased a company of infantry to form the first half of IR3, Duchess Bernhardt's Regiment - I have decided to start with regular troops and then intersperse them with elite units.

As an initial goal, I want to get enough troops to fight Blasthof Bridge, which is (if I recall correctly):

One regiment of foot;
One battery of two guns;
One regiment of horse.

So for that I am looking at about six months' worth of purchases. Then I will set to with building up an opposing force - the Grand Duchy of Somewhere.

I have, in my possession, a little notebook filled with flag designs, regimental names, characters, and the names of states.

Damn'd if I can find it though.

1 comment:

  1. I do enjoy your modest approach, sticking to a budget and adding gradually. I have just ordered two Marlborough Army starter sets, 28mm from Warlord Games, to form the basis of my two armies. Plan to use a map of Ireland for the campaign.