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Friday, 18 December 2015


So I've been busily painting today (I've had a day off in lieu, can you tell?) and have managed to get the first company of the Liebgarde to the following point:

The command group is finished, and the infantry have had the base colours for their coats, shirts and breeches done. I'm using Games Workshop paints (because that's what I've used since I was 10), and for the interested (and my own future reference) they are:

Coats, breeches: Ushabti Bone - Ceramite White
Facings, turnbacks, shirts: Waaagh Flesh - Warboss Green
Belts and ammo boxes: Vermin Brown - XV-88
Musket furniture: Rhinox Hide - Flesh Wash
Belt buckles etc: Dwarf Bronze - Flesh Wash - Burnished Gold
Gaiters, boots, hats: Abbadon Black
Hat lacing and bows: Ceramite White (Mithril Silver for NCO and Ensign, same method as for belt buckles for the officer)
Gaiter buttons: Mithril Silver
Coat and shirt buttons: Burnished Gold
Musket barrels and bayonets: Ironbreaker - Mithril Silver
Flesh: Dwarf Flesh - Flesh Wash - Dwarf Flesh - Elf Flesh
Wigs: Space Wolves Grey - Ceramite White
Pigtail ribbons and bows: Abbadon Black
Bases: Warboss Green dipped in static flock, edged Warboss Green.

I'm at work tomorrow but I hope to be able to get at least a couple more stages done on the guardsmen. Stay tuned!

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  1. The colour scheme is great, they will be easy to see on the table.